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12kW 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter SUN 12K SG04LP3 LIO ENERGY

380V 48V 12kW, 3 Phase, a powerful solar inverter and energy storage system that harnesses the power of the sun to power your home, cabin, houseboat, or light office. Now you can have power in emergencies and during peak cost times, giving you peace of mind, and you can save thousands per year for your energy bill.

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  • LIO 12kW 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter SUN-8 /10 /12 K-SG04LP3

    combines our efficient 12kW hybrid inverter/charger with our powerful Lithium Iron Phosphate 10kWh battery.

    The combination provides for true energy independence whether you are On-Grid (metered or non metered) or Off-Grid.



    • 48V low voltage battery, transformer isolation design.
    • 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging.
    • Max. charging/discharging current of 240A.
    • 100% unbalanced output, each phase Max. output up to 50% rated power.
    • Frequency droop control, Max.16pcs parallel.
    • DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing solar system.
    • Support storing energy from diesel generator.


    PV String Input Data

    • Max. DC Input Power (W):15600W
    • PV Input Voltage (V): 550V(150~800V)
    • MPPT Range (V): 260~650V
    • Start-up Voltage (V): 160V
    • PV Input Current (A): 25A+12.5A
    • No.of MPPT Trackers: 2
    • No.of Strings Per MPPT Tracker: 2+1


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